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About Us

Sailplus is the sailing academy devoted to enrich the lives of those who want to be immersed in nature and sea culture while sailing the beautiful sites of the Aegean and Mediterranean. It is an educational center where everyone who enjoys the world of the sea can learn the practices/details of sailing to understand and share a sailors life.
It is the address where sailing pleasure, the sea and the sailor lifestyle provides a fun, exciting and communal adventure for those who want a multifaceted educational experience instead of a mundane, still and outdated understanding of education.

As you set sail to open seas; you will learn the sport of sailing and yachting, hike ancient paths to untouched bays, touch thousand year old ancient ruins while visiting historic cities, discover the underwater sea world and be part of exiting sailing crews to feel the thrill of the sailing world and yacht races.

Imagine spending days at sea filled with natural forrest hikes, visits to sea side villages, cultural activities and culinary local tastes all while feeling the warming touch of the sun and cooling sense of the blue sea. Night time lends itself to outings at local spots of entertainment for concerts, dinners and dancing. All this while learning to sail.

By renting a boat suited for your own pleasure ; you can also become the captain of your own boat to spend a weekend of yacht training while expanding your knowledge and experience. Train and polish your sailing skills while becoming part of different mediterranean cultures in Spain, Italy, Croatia and the Greek seas. All this while taking educational courses and traveling.

Even further; we can prepare you by expanding your knowledge to embark on your dream experiences such as Atlantic crossings and sailing world tours.

Experience all this and become a part of our Sailplus family to enjoy the blue world of the seas in excitement and joy.

You can become a great sailor and an experienced seaman and take your place in the world of seas.

Unforgettable sea days for the right mix of education and various experiences…

Sailplus… Plus Education

About Us
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