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  1. What are the Education/Course details?
    Courses and sailing education is provided on a weekly basis, based on the level of the student and entails basic seamanship, sea life and culture as well as hands on sailing practice.  Students undergo a six (6) day theoretic and practical course; after which they enter a written examination.  Students who pass the written examination qualify to be licensed.
  2. What certificates/licenses do you provide ?
    Students who successfully submit and pass their written examination as well as course requirements earn the right to get licensed either with the International Yachting Training Academy (IYTA) based out of Canada or, if requested, with the National Turkish Yachting Federation (TYF/TUYEP) YY (Sailing Yacht) certificates.

    Frequently Asked Questions
  3. How useful is this Certificate/License for me ?
    The Turkish sailing license ADB (Amateur Sailing Certification) is required If your sailing vessel is flagged in Turkey.  The IYTA Certification is recognized internationally.  You can rent a boat and travel the globe with the IYTA certification. The National Sailing Yacht (YY) YY3 license is accepted globally if you own your boat. 
  4. Do Sailing Licenses have an expiration date ?
    Yes.  All national and international sailing licenses are valid for five (5) years. You can renew your license using our services.
  5. Can students with different license levels take separate courses the same week of sailing?
    Yes you can.  Students with different levels can take different courses the same week.  All students are given a sailing course booklet, can be trained on separate levels and can pass examinations on different courses at the end of the week.
  6. What Sailing Routes does SAILPLUS offer? Our Sailing routes are very divers both in Turkish and Greek waters.  Some are:
    a- Greek Islands (Rhodes-Symni-Panormitis-Chalki-Kos-Tilos)b- Göcek and Fethiye Baysc- Hisarönu Peninsulad- Marmaris and Surrounding Bayse- Knidos and the Bodrum Peninsula
  7. What are the fleet details ?
    SAILPLUS Operates a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Model 42 foot long and a Beneateau Cyclades Model 39.3 foot long sailing boat each with four (4) cabins.
  8. Do the Sailing Courses cover topics that show up on the Turkish ADB examination ?
    Yes.  Our Sailing courses cover all learning material required for the ADB examination at various levels.
  9. What is the weekly sailing course program ?
    Students/Guests arrive at 14.00 pm on a Saturday and leave the sailing boat at 10.00 am he next Saturday.  Students are welcomed by the captain instructor who helps them with their orientation, moving in to the cabins and provides a briefing of the boat.  The boat leaves the marina Sunday morning and comes back to the marina Friday evening.
  10. Can I share my cabin with my friend or partner ?
    Yes you can. It is not a problem as long as your reservation has been established as such
  11. How can I make a reservation ?
    You can reserve a spot by calling the phone number on our website, emailing or writing directly trough the Sailplus website
  12. How is payment done ?
    Half of the weekly course fee is collected during the initial reservation as a deposit. The remaining balance can be paid upon arrival to the boat. You can make your payments either via bank transfer or in cash.
  13. What is included in the price  ?
    Accommodation on the boat, sailing education and training, education booklets, fuel, water, electricity and simple drinks such as tea or coffee are included in the advertised weekly fee
  14. What is NOT included in the price ?
    All food and alcoholic beverages, visa fees, transit log fees, marina fees, flight and transfer fees as well as all insurance fees.
  15. Can Sailplus arrange travel insurance for me?
    Yes we can provide travel insurance that covers the length of your stay on the boat under your name.
  16. Can I reserve consecutive weeks for courses and training ?
    Yes you can. However you will have to have passed the previous course requirements to take part in the higher level courses
  17. Does training continue during rough weather or mild storms?
    Generally yes. Training and courses continue as planned as long as the level of the storms do not pose a health and safety risk.
  18. Can there be changes to the set sea routes?
    This can happen from time to time. Changes to the set sea routes may differ based on the state of the sailing crew, weather conditions, special requests agreed upon by the entire crew or unforeseen route conditions at the discretion of the captain/instructor.
  19. Is the IYTA License sufficient for navigating/captaining a sailboat in Turkish Seas ?
    The Turkish government requires that you also possess the government issued ADB certification/license.
  20. Can I navigate/captain a Motor Yacht with the IYTA License?
    Additionally to the IYTA License a Motor Yacht training License is required to captain or navigate a Motor Yacht.
  21. What is the minimum number of sailing students required to start a sailing course ?
    The minimum requirement is to have at least two (2) sailing students present to have a productive sailing course that perspective week.
Frequently Asked Questions
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