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Sailplus education course programs are geared towards sea loving individuals who would like to navigate a sailing vessel in open seas, know the intricacies of sailing to travel safe, increase their knowledge of the sea and yachting and gain the necessary certifications.

The daily lessons provided on the sailing boat are tailored to be both theoretical and practical where skills learned during the morning are practiced in the afternoon. Sailplus provides you with the tools for the sea whether you join to get your sailing certifications, plan to learn the sea and sailing techniques in a vacation setting. We approach each candidate as a traveller with the potential of sailing oceans in the future.

The participant who complete the course schedule regularly can use this knowledge to enter national examinations for sailing.  Sailors who fulfill the requirements of their perspective course requirements and pass the written test earn the right to be certified with the IYTA (International Yachting Training Academy) Certifications.

The interest companies show to the sport of sailing and the sponsorship opportunities yacht races provide has risen in recent years.  As the SAILPLUS Yachting Education Center we:

  • Join sailing races at the Aegean Sea ( BODRUM-GÖCEK-MARMARIS ) with company sponsorships
  • Provide leadership and team training
  • Provide Sailing Lessons with the international IYTA Licensing program
  • Provide team building and retreat options for company leaders and staff

SAILPLUS has been created under Cenk Şahin’s leadership to help improve the sport of sailing and share the love for sailing. His licenses are:

TYF YY5 License no: 0063
IYTA Master of Yacht Ocean License no : 11939
ADB License no : K400567301
SSI License no : 1250826442-TR


SAILPLUS has been providing sailing organizations and sail boat renting services to suit short and long term programs, sailing courses, team building workshops for corporate companies and groups. References are: SABANCI, KOÇ, ECZACIBAŞI, ERDEMİR, CNBC-E, FINANSBANK, ÇİMSA, TOYOTA, WILO, BORUSAN and such.

SAILPLUS available courses:

  1. Basic Sailing Education
  2. Corporate Sailing Programs
  3. Sailing Courses on your own Boat
  4. Advanced Sailing Education
  5. Open Sea Sailing Education
  6. Amateur Sea Certification Education



International IYTA

  1. Competent Crew
  2. Flotilla skipper
  3. Bareboat Captain
  4. Yachtmaster Coastal
  5. Yachtmaster Offshore
  6. Yachtmaster Ocean

National YY

  1. YY1 – Sailing Yacht Basics
  2. YY2 – Sailing Yacht Chartering
  3. YY3 – Advanced Level Sailing Yacht Training
  4. YY4 – Sailing Yacht Racing


Sailing Education Sailing Education Sailing Education
Sailing Education Sailing Education Sailing Education
Sailing Education Sailing Education Sailing Education
Sailing Education Sailing Education Sailing Education


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