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Yacht Races / Sail Racing

Yacht Races / Sail Racing


Sailors who have successfully finished the basic sailing courses have the option to participate in a sailing race to increase their sailing experience. Sail Races provide a fun environment and are exciting as the game requires strong crew performances and is played based on sea and wind conditions. To learn the language of the seas and winds, team work and to sail at optimum performance is an exhilarating experience. Teamwork is required to race to any destination.

Sail races provide a unique opportunity to socialize and mingle with like minded sea and sailing enthusiasts. Pre-race briefings and organizations provide a social and engaging environment as well as opportunity to make new friends. Students or adventurers who fancy such a unique experience can join the Sailplus racing team and venture out in to the warm weather of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Students get to enjoy themselves, learn the virtues of teamwork and sailing theory during these high end events

Yacht Races / Sail Racing

Yacht Races / Sail Racing






Yacht Races / Sail Racing

         SKIPPER  –  CENK ŞAHİN  –  TYF / YY5-0063



Yacht Races / Sail Racing

Yacht Races / Sail Racing   Yacht Races / Sail Racing

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1-How can I join sail races with SailPlus ?
You can register to a specific race using our social media platform or by calling us.

2-Is there a pre-requisite to participate in sail racing with SailPlus?
The minimum requirement is to have participated in the basic training course with Sailplus or a similar sailing school. Additionally it is a federal requirement to obtain a “sail racing license” from the Turkish Sailing Association.

3-What is a sail racing license and how can I obtain it?
A sail racing license is a federal requirement, that all sailors wishing to partake in a sailing race must obtain, from the Turkish Sailing association. SailPlus can obtain this license on your behalf. A sailing license is a temporary license obtained only for the race you are participating in. However if you wish to obtain a yearly sail racing license you must do so by yourself from the Turkish Sailing Association. Steps as to how such a license is obtained are clearly indicated on the SailPlus website.

4-Can sailors with no prior sail racing experience join the SailPlus sailing team?
Yes they can. Basic sailing training is adequate to do so. Racing training and work/sail station delegation is provided by SailPlus during the racing event.

5-What are the sail racing tasks and organizations like?
The captain of the boat delegates and organizes the work flow and sail racing tasks on the boat. The race positions on a sailing yacht are the Helmsman, Mainsheet Trimmer, Pit / Cockpit, Pit Crew Boss, Sheet Trimmer, Trimmers Mate, Tactitian and Mastman

6-What is the sail racing program like?
Sail races are scheduled as soon as the calendar announcements are made. Once the sailing vessels are registered in the race the captain conducts sail race briefings a day earlier or on the morning of the race. The racing committee decides the race parameters based on the weather conditions. Buoy’s are placed according to the wind conditions. Award ceremonies are conducted either after each race or at the end of the race week.

7-Is there a need for special equipment or clothes during sailing races?
T-Shirts, shorts, sailing trousers and sailing coats should all be flexible and allow for maximal movement. Shoes should be non marking and have white soles. Racing gloves are required. You should bring clothes based on the weather conditions and have spares. Finally hats, sunglasses with bands and sun cream is highly recommended. You can also see our “what to bring to the boat” page for additional information.

8-Is there an age restriction to participate in races?
No there isn’t! However; individuals wishing to race should have physical capabilities to endure sail racing tasks.

9-What are the sail racing fees and prices and what is included?
Accommodation on the boat, general training to recap sailing know how and sail racing practice is included in the price. Marina docking fees, fuel, water and electricity along with unlimited soft beverages such as tea and coffee is also included. Excluded items are sail race organization fees which are split among the racing crew and temporary sail racing license fees which each sailor pays individually. You can find detailed information about all fees on our “Plans and Prices” Page.


Yacht Races / Sail Racing Yacht Races / Sail Racing Yacht Races / Sail Racing

Sail Racing License and Visa Procedures

The Sail Racing license is a Turkish Sailing Association requirement. Those who wish to partake in multiple races during one calendar year can obtain a yearly license following the steps listed below. Those who wish to obtain a temporary license should simply contact SailPlus.


First time sail racing participants and those who have not obtained a visa in the last three (3) years require;

  • Athlete License Registration Form
  • Health report indicating general health of the participant
  • National ID Card
  • 3 passport pictures
  • License fee

These items will be send to the Turkish Sailing Association. The sailing academy or club will gather all the required documents and contact the association on behalf of the participants.



Athletes who had a license the year prior and wish to renew require;

  • Athlete License Registration Form
  • Health report indicating general health of the participant (Must have Protocol Number)
  • License Fee


These items will be send to the Turkish Sailing Association. The sailing academy or club will gather all the required documents and contact the association on behalf of the participants.

TYF (Turkish Sailing Association) Account Numbers and Contact Information.


Türkiye Yelken Federasyonu

IBAN:TR80 0003 2000 0340 0001 0011 94

Address: Kültür Mah. Mithatpaşa Cad. Orkide Apt. No: 61/11 Çankaya ANKARA

Tel : 0 312 311 2361 – 0 549 680 5206


Yacht Races / Sail Racing   Yacht Races / Sail Racing

Yacht Races / Sail Racing   Yacht Races / Sail Racing

Sail Racing

Sail races are conducted either according to the size of the sailing vessel or as mixed competition. The races use a handicap system to define performance. Each race has their own parkour settings and reward parameters. Races that are three nautical miles with stops as well as continental races have such requirements.

Sailing Races

Races start either on land or sea with either a flag sign or cannon sound. The purpose of these races are to compute the sailing talents of the sailors based on sea and wind conditions. Unlike other sports; sail racing incorporates a large amount of equipment and rules. Sail racing athletes must be in top shape and have great knowledge of sea and wind conditions to sail. First sailing races have been organized in England in the year 1660. The first sail racing tournament has been established by the Prince of Wales in 1749. The Hundred Guineas Cup organized in 1851 has been won by the American sailing team. These sail racing routes differ in length from 10 to 20 nautical miles.

Sailing races are separated in three distinct categories.

  • Regatta Olympic Races
  • Ocean Races
  • Match (Head to head sailing)

Racing rules are applied the same way for all sailing vessel categories. Both female and male sailors can participate. The Olympic sailing race is organized in a triangular setting using buoy’s. The path and route of the race is defined based on the wind conditions.

Yacht Races / Sail Racing
                        S/Y ARŞIPEL – JEANNEAU SO42i


Prospective Sail Racing Athlete Information

  • Sail racing is for all age groups
  • People who do not enjoy the sport of sailing and nature cannot sail race
  • Knowledge of the sea, tides, waves and natural forces is a must
  • Experience on the sea and sailing provide an edge.
  • Sailing is a sport that improves decision making skills
  • Sailing improves personal talents and social interactions
  • Sailing requires being immersed in nature
  • Sailing improves competitiveness and solidarity
  • Sailing improves the ability to aide one another
  • Sailing athletes face their own capabilities and take individual decisions instantly and apply them. The Sailor navigates his vessel based on all variables such as tides, waves, winds and competition rules.


Yacht Races / Sail Racing


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